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Training & Consultancy
1. Industrial Automation Training 2. Embedded Technology Training
3. Parctical hands on Training 4. Focus/Benefits
Technologies are ever changing. As Evolution of technologies was started in early 19th , it had under gone through its different phases in path of evolution like up to 1920 it was manual control only, later on it has experienced pneumatic and hydraulic controls. Then electrical systems have changed statistic for compressed air base equipments, but as era of electronics started it has fired a never ending technological evolution which is today we can find it in Embedded, aero space or aeronautical engineering systems, software to Process controlling or in power electronics base equipments.

Engineering is not in segregated domain, it has joint roots which each branch of engineering. Today engineers are struggling with better opportunities due to limited knowledge adaptability or sources. As technologies are changing on very rapid rate this days, sources which are giving ideas to those technologies and to creature of technologies are very limited, which ends to a situation where space between knowledgeable person and industrial requirement are two much high. Even though opportunities are available in plenty, industry is short of trained professionals. Today when industrial automation reached at 6 billion industry world wide. There are thousands of units are going automotive or gone automotive already. There is a requirement of ENGINEERS who can understand, troubleshoot, and run those systems for high productivity, less & reduced maintenance with sharp and clear quality.

We are as part of Neo CreativeVision Technologies private Limited dedicated to up front our Technical civilization for engineers and to make them engineers in true sense. We are providing knowledge to fresh graduates/ engineers to empowered to lead in competitive network with professionals with proficiency in
1. Automation system designing
2. SCAD A, PLC and DCS programming
3. AC/DC variable speed/Frequency drives (VFD) configuration
4. Parameter setting for P1D to different controllers
5. HMI/MMI programming with MIMIC and DATABASE attachments
6. Panel designing and process instrumentation on leading brands
7. Fabrication of panel, instrument calibration, electrical & Electronics installation
8. Erection and commissioning with design conceptualization and documentation
9. Trouble shooting and annual maintenance contracts
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